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Live: The 24 Hours of Le Mans with Porsche Penske Motorsport

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24 Hours of Le Mans
Porsche Penske 963 #5 in the Dunlop Chicane

Follow the thrilling action at the 24 Hours of Le Mans live with Porsche Penske Motorsport.

Recap the 2024 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with our live feed, which followed the 24-hour race with exclusive updates from the Porsche Penske Motorsport team straight from the paddock.

The fourth round of the FIA World Endurance Championship marked the blue riband French race, which awards double points in the hotly-contested standings.

Relive the race with insights from our drivers, stunning images capturing the heart of Le Mans and hourly updates on our positions in the race.

Final update: 4.11pm CEST

Race results:

Hypercar: #6 P4, #5 P6, #4 RET, #12 P8, #38 P9, #99 P16

LMGT3: #91 P1, #92 P14

  • Chequered flag for the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans

  • Vanthoor narrowly misses out on overall podium, finishing fourth

  • Class victory for the #91 Manthey EMA in LMGT3

  • #5 Porsche Penske Motorsport finishing sixth

  • One-two in Hypercar World Cup for customer team Hertz Team JOTA

Live feed:

4.30pm CEST: That's all from us here at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thank you for following our live updates - we'll be back next year.

4.11pm CEST: The #99 Proton Competition made it back on track to classify for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 60 laps off the leaders

4.10pm CEST: #5 Porsche Penske Motorsport cross the line sixth overall, just over a minute behind the #6

4.09pm CEST: It's a great result for Hertz Team JOTA who take one-two in the Hypercar World Cup, #12 (P8 overall) ahead of #38 (P9 overall)

4.04pm CEST: Congratulations to Manthey EMA who take CLASS VICTORY in LMGT3!

4.03pm CEST: CHEQUERED FLAG - it's so close but Vanthoor can't quite catch the Ferrari before the end of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing P4 by 1.167s.


3.57pm CEST: 1.5s the gap now - Vanthoor is giving this everything to finish on the podium.

3.56pm CEST: The track is still very went around the Indianapolis-Arnage area, but the main straight looks much dryer even though a light shower is falling.

3.55pm CEST: Five minutes left. Vanthoor gap to a podium finish: 2.228s.

3.50pm CEST: We're into the final ten minutes of this race and the rain has returned to see us to the chequered flag.

3.40pm CEST: Gap to third for Vanthoor down to just over a second. This race is on.

3.38pm CEST: Tincknell has brought the #99 back out onto the track.

3.37pm CEST: The win might be a bit too much to ask for Vanthoor, but a podium finish is only 2.9s down the road. Can he close the game in the final 20 minutes?

3.35pm CEST: Final stop for the #92 who also complete a driver change: Sturm out, Bachler in.

3.31pm CEST: Campbell makes his last stop of the race from P4.

3.24pm CEST: Lietz makes his last stop of the race from LMGT3 P1.

3.23pm CEST: Vanthoor makes his last stop of the race from P2.

3.17pm CEST: Rain is expected once again in about ten minutes, expecting to last about 20 so the race should finish dry. It wouldn't be the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans without the rain getting involved.

3.11pm CEST: An electrical failure saw the #99 Proton Competition go into the garage about 90 minutes ago. The team are hoping to rejoin the grid before the chequered flag.

3.02pm CEST: Here is who will be taking the flag for the Porsche entries: #6 Vanthoor (P4), #5 Campbell (P7), #12 Nato (P8), #38 Button (P9), #99 Tincknell (P16 - in pit), #91 Lietz (LMGT3 P1), #92 Sturm (LMGT3 P14).

3.00pm CEST: 23 hours complete, we are into the LAST hour of the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans!

2.42pm CEST: #51 has five seconds added to their next stop for contact with the #8.

2.40pm CEST: Now the #2 Cadillac has made it's stop and completed the pit sequence, the gap to the lead is visible. Vanthoor trails second pleace by 15s, the leader by 30s with just under 90 minutes of racing remaining.

2.22pm CEST: Only the #50, #8 and #6 are on the same pit strategy, so those are the cars to watch in these closing stages.

2.11pm CEST: Cars are slipping around as the rain starts to fall once again at the Circuit de la Sarthe.

2.04pm CEST: The rain has returned as we head into the final two hours of racing. Pit cycles are complete, and the #6 is fifth in class. However, the #8 and #51 tangled on track, so we'll keep an eye out for any potential penalties.

1.58pm CEST: The #6 Porsche pits from the lead for wet tyres as conditions worsen. The rain is affecting more of the circuit than predicted.

1.55pm CEST: Laurens Vanthoor inherits the lead of the race in the #6 car as others make their pitstops. The #5 stops behind him.

1.48pm CEST: Richard Lietz recaptures the lead of the LMGT3 class in the #91 Manthey EMA entry.

1.35pm CEST: Matt Campbell squeezes in a personal best lap time in the #5 car before the rain hits!

1.30pm CEST: Sounds like there could be some more rain on the way in around five minutes! It's expected between Arnage and the Porsche Curves.

1.21pm CEST: The #6 car has pitted, one lap after the #5, with Vanthoor taking the wheel for the next stint.

1pm CEST: With three hours remaining, the #6 car is embroiled in a close fight for fourth with the #51 Ferrari. He has been passed, but is on far older tyres. There are less than 90 seconds covering the top nine.

12.40pm CEST: The #6 Porsche Penske Motorsport car has stopped again, with Kévin Estre taking over at the wheel, with the #12 Hertz Team JOTA car also in the pits.

12.30pm CEST: With just 3.5 hours remaining, just over two minutes covers the top nine Hypercars - four of which are Porsche 963.

12.14pm CEST: The #91 Manthey EMA car is holding the top spot in the LMGT3 class despite a challenge from the #31 BMW.

12pm CEST: The #6 car pits from third, with just six seconds gap to the leader.

11.50am CEST: A brief caution period and it's back to green flag racing.

11.47am CEST: The race is neutralised with a Full Course Yellow after a LMGT3 McLaren has come to a stop at Courbe du Baisson.

11.41am CEST: Estre once again holds off the attack as Kobayashi drops into the pits.

11.37am CEST: After a few laps of breathing space, Kobayashi is back on Estre's rear wing.

11:32am CEST: Pressure is relieved from behind as Estre manages to pull a bit of a gap from Kobayashi. He remained P5 in class.

11.30am CEST: Hear from Thomas Laudenbach, Vice President Porsche Motorsport, with 4.5 hours remaining:

We are looking forward and so far we are really happy, because technically everything is working fine, the crews are doing a great job, so please keep fingers crossed.

Thomas Laudenbach, Vice President Porsche Motorsport

11.24am CEST: Estre is in a wheel-to-wheel battle for fifth in class with the #7 Toyota but so far he's holding Kobayashi back to keep the place.

11.17am CEST: The pit stop dance in Hypercars begins again. Here's who's currently running the Porsches on track: #6 Estre (P5), #5 Makowiecki (P8), #12 Stevens (P9), #38 Hanson (P10), #99 Andlauer (P15), #91 Schuring (LMGT3 P1), #92 Sturm (LM GT3 P16)

11.07am CEST: Car #5 and #38 have both been handed drive through penalties for their slow zone procedures.

11.06am CEST: We are 233 laps into the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

10.58am CEST: The top four in Hypercar are covered by just two seconds as we head into Hour 19.

10.53am CEST: We're into the first pit stop cycle since the Safety Car period. #5 inherits the lead as the #2 Cadillac comes in.

10.40am CEST: The morning gets worse for the #92 who receives a drive through penalty for not respecting blue flags.

10.33am CEST: We are back to racing at the Circuit de la Sarthe! Makowiecki in the #5 trails overall leader by under five tenths of a second.

10.32am CEST: The Safety Car is coming in this lap.

10.23am CEST: Safety Car pass around has begun. That's stage 3 of 4 for the Safety Car restart, so green flag should be coming shortly.

10.15am CEST: The Porsche Penske Motorsport cars have shuffled in order as the #6 came in for a pit.

10.14am CEST: Another stalled Safety Car merge as the #3 Cadillac rolls slowly down Mulsanne. If he can get back to the pits the merge might not be postponed, but if he stops we'll be back to stage one of the Safety Car.

10.10am CEST: A small delay to the restart procedure as two more cars have gone off track at Indianapolis. Looking like off line there are some treacherous wet spots.

10.04am CEST: As the 18th hour starts the Safety Car period is coming to an end - this will be the last lap with three Safety Cars.

9.36am CEST: The safety car has been deployed again after an incident involving an LMGT3 car at Indianapolis.

9.21am CEST: The #6 inherits the lead from Toyota before it also stops the following lap. It now leads the race by 20 seconds.

9.20am CEST: A moment in tricky conditions at Indianapolis sees Nasr in the #4 car slide across the gravel and end up in the barriers. His race is sadly over.

9.11am CEST: Laurens Vanthoor in the #6 car is bringing the fight to the leading #8 Toyota and is just 2.8s behind - and catching.

9.02am CEST: The #12 Hertz Team JOTA car has lost eighth to the #51 Ferrari.

8.57am CEST: A glorious sight of the sun shinning down on the Circuit de la Sarthe which has sparked the 'to slick or not to slick tyres' debate.

8.51am CEST: The #6 comes out on track behind the #8, but now only 1.7s behind. Vanthoor has gained around 0.7s in that stop.

8.48am CEST: Vanthoor is in the pits with the #6. Can he get back out ahead of the #8 Toyota?

8.44am CEST: The #8 Toyota pits from the lead, so Vanthoor is pushing hard on this lap as he is due to come in soon.

8.42am CEST: It's gearbox issues for the #92 that have it in the garage.

8.39am CEST: Campbell is now looking to reel in Lynn in the #2 Cadillac, who is charging to try and catch the leaders. He's already taken nearly a second off the fourth-placed runner since he passed Button.

8.34am CEST: Campbell gets the pass on Button to overtake the customer Hertz Team JOTA for sixth in the class standings.

8.31am CEST: The gap for the lead is 2.4s with the Toyota being coached how to keep Vanthoor behind.

8.28am CEST: The 92 has gone into the garage for repairs, giving up class lead.

8.16am CEST: Still circling together, the two Manthey LMGT3 Porsches have a 17.5s advantage on third place in class.

8.10am CEST: We are back to green racing! Estre is hard in the fight with the #8 Toyota for the lead as the #50 is pushing hard in third.

8.09am CEST: Safety Car is coming in this lap.

7.53am CEST: After four hours of non-stop Safety Car Race Control have begun the merging process to get racing back underway.

7.23am CEST: It's still grey over head but the rain has stopped falling.

6.46am CEST: The hope that the Safety Car would potentially be making its way in soon is being ruined by heavier rain falling at Arnage-Indianapolis.

6.44am CEST: The Safety Car has now been on track for three hours.

6.28am CEST: As we continue to lap in the rain, here's an update of who is currently onboard the eight lapping Porsches: #6 Estre (P2), #38 Rasmussen (P5), #12 Ilott (P10), #5 Campbell (P11), #4 Jaminet (P12), #99 Jani (P19), #92 Malykhin (LMGT3 P1), #91 Shahin (LMGT3 P2).

6.12am CEST: Estre is the lead Porsche Penske Motorsport, currently second behind the #8 Toyota and #7 who have come back into the race during the storm. The #8 and Estre are in the same Safety Car, split by less than a second.

6.08am CEST: In GT3, it's a Porsche one-two as the Manthey cars work in tandem to hold class lead, being in the same Safety Car pack.

6.02am CEST: Good morning from a sadly very wet and windy Circuit de la Sarthe. Not much to update as we come back online as the last 2h15m have been race neutralised by the Safety Car because of the horrific weather.

12.30am CEST: Right, we're off to get some rest! The live blog is paused for now, but we'll be back bright and early at 6am CEST for more live updates from the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

12.20am CEST: Makowiecki, on slick tyres, has lost the lead of the race to the #83 Ferrari running on wet tyres, and has also been passed by the #8 Toyota to run in third.

12.12am CEST: Most of the Hypercars took to the pits as soon as the Safety Car had come in for wet weather tyres. Only #5 and #311 stayed out at this time.

12.09am CEST: #83 dives into the pits, giving Makowiecki the overall lead.

12.08am CEST: Safety Car in this lap.

11.55pm CEST: The Safety Car restart procedure is complete - we're almost ready to go racing again here at the Circuit de la Sarthe.

11.40pm CEST: Rain lights are required to be on as the Safety Car starts its race restart procedure.

11.33pm CEST: We are beginning the Safety Car restart procedure. The three Safety Cars will now merge down into one.

11.16pm CEST: The current drivers onboard our eight Porsches: #5 Makowiecki (P2), #6 Vanthoor (P5), #12 Nato (P8), #38 Button (P12), #4 Nasr (P14), #99 Jani (P19), #92 Sturm (LMGT3 P1), #91 Lietz (LMGT3 P8)

11.05pm CEST: This 'wave by' system means that any cars who lost time in the early wet tyre additional stops may be able to make some time back.

10.59pm CEST: As the hour ends under the safety car, let's recap how the restart will play out when we get going again at the Circuit de la Sarthe: read here how caution periods work at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

10.47pm CEST: The leading #83 AF Corse is under investigation for the incident that saw #15 out of the race. Makowiecki is currently second behind the Ferrari.

10.39pm CEST: We have our first safety car of the race as the #15 BMW is in the barriers at Mulsanne Corner. Driver Dries is out of the car and seems OK.

10.31pm CEST: Rain seems to be subsiding again taking with all drivers tackling the slipper conditions well. The GT3 Mantheys have done incredibly well during this period, now both running in podium contention.

10.12pm CEST: The track goes back into FCY conditions as the #60 Lamborghini has gone off at the exit of the second Mulsanne Chicane.

10.05pm CEST: The rain is still pouring at the Circuit de la Sarthe, but we're under green conditions as the light of the day starts disappearing.

10.00pm CEST: The slippery surface flag is out at the Mulsanne Straight - it's looking pretty wet here in the paddock.

9.56pm CEST: The #4 and #6 cars have both stopped again. The #4 car is one lap down after its earlier repair stop.

9.53pm CEST: Heavy rain is being reported now at Arnage and parts of the track are looking increasingly damp.

9.49pm CEST: The #4 Porsche is in the garage for repairs after losing its number panel and suffering damage to a wheel arch in the earlier contact with the Iron Dames car.

9.40pm CEST: There could be more rain on the way in 12 minutes - spots have been spotted down at Indianapolis and it could hit at Mulsanne too.

9.38pm CEST: It's getting darker out here at the Circuit de la Sarthe. The #5 car is the highest running Porsche in third.

9.15pm CEST: The #5 car stops from second, coming out fourth. #6 is running eighth and #4 is 13th.

9.11pm CEST: The #6 car is fighting the #7 Toyota for seventh as up ahead, the #5 Porsche moves into second place.

9.10pm CEST: The #4 car, driven by Mathieu Jaminet, has been handed a drive-through penalty after contact with the #85 Iron Dames car. Here's what he said about the incident:

I had a small touch with another car that caused some damage. The boys did an awesome job to make [the repair] quick, but quite some time lost.

Mathieu Jaminet, Porsche Penske 963 #4

9.00pm CEST: Five hours down, 19 to go. The #4 and #38 cars have just stopped again as we head into the evening.

8.45pm CEST: There's a fierce battle going on between the #6 Porsche and the #311 Whelan Cadillac - but Estre stays ahead in 11th.

8.43pm CEST: The #6 car has also made a pitstop - our poleman Kévin Estre stays behind the wheel.

8.30pm CEST: The #5 car is next to stop. Campbell stays in but takes some fuel and a quick clean of the car. He comes out sixth.

8.16pm CEST: The #4 Porsche 963 has stopped for a new rear wing, with Mathieu Jaminet replacing Nick Tandy at the wheel.

8.06pm CEST: Heading into the next hour, two of the top four are Porsche Penske Motorsport cars, with #5 in third, currently driven by Matt Campbell, ahead of #4 piloted by Nick Tandy.

7.53pm CEST: After the rain shower earlier where most teams pit for wet weather tyres, the pit sequences have fallen out of sync with each other. Impressively, even with the extra two tyre only stops, the #4 is still in contention at the front.

7.38pm CEST: The FCY was indeed for debris on track; we've had a few cars go off and bring gravel back onto the circuit. Green conditions are back as the sun fights through the grey clouds overhead.

7.34pm CEST: Another FCY slows the race down - there was a brief one ten minutes ago but that lasted only 30s. We assume this is for debris on track as all cars are showing as running.

7.23pm CEST: It's a two-four-five for Porsche; Porsche Penske Motorsport second and fourth with Christensen and Tandy whilst Hertz Team JOTA making it three Porsche in the top five courtesy of Rasmussen in the #38.

7.15pm CEST: Driver updates for who is on track at the moment: #5 Christensen (no change, #4 Tandy (no change), #38 Rasmussen, #12 Ilott, #6 Lotterer (no change), #99 Andlauer, #91 Shahin, #92 Malykhin.

7.01pm CEST: Schuring optimises the fourth pit stop sequence in GT3 to take first in class as the third hour comes to an end.

6.55pm CEST: Only #83, #5, #50 and #12 did not make the extra stop for rain tyres during the short shower in Hour 2, which has given them a pit stop advantage on their challengers.

6.47pm CEST: Tandy brings the #4 in for its fifth stop, dropping it briefly down the order, but the class leaders are still due to stop.

6.32pm CEST: A Ferrari-Porsche-Ferrari-Porsche fight at the top of Hypercar as, after the pit stops, Christensen and Tandy are battling in the top four.

6.29pm CEST: All slow zones have been removed so it's back to full green track racing.

6.25pm CEST: An update on who is onboard each Porsche after the first driver changes: #4 Tandy, #5 Christensen, #6 Lotterer, #12 Stevens (no change), #38 Hanson (no change), #99 Jani (no change), #91 Schuring, #92 Bachler.

6.18pm CEST: Christensen pits in the #5 under the slow zone and holds second when he returns to the track. He had a 26.406s advantage on the #50 Ferrari in third.

6.12pm CEST: The #54 GT3 has gone off at the Dunlop Curve, causing a slow zone from Ford Chicane to the incident. There's a lot of debris on track and some Hypercars are taking their stops during the caution period.

6.03pm CEST: Two Porsches are in the top five as the third hour begins with Christensen in the #5 third and Stevens in the #12 fourth.

5.57pm CEST: The #4 has stopped again to switch back to slicks, with Lotterer following suit the following lap.

5.46pm CEST: Lotterer leads - the #6 driver retakes the top spot from Ferrari into the second Mulsanne chicane - before pitting for wet tyres.

5.44pm CEST: The #4 car has pitted, with Nick Tandy taking the wheel, as has the #38 car.

5.42pm CEST: The rainfall has gotten heavier. On track, #6 car is embroiled in a battle for third with the #83 Ferrari and the #38 JOTA car.

5.37pm CEST: It is raining in some parts of the circuit and the race has been declared wet. It is only expected to last around 10 minutes.

5.30pm CEST: The #4 car stopped at the end of lap 24, with the #5 and #6 cars stopping the following lap. André Lotterer is now driving the #6 car, which took soft tyres. Michael Christensen took over in the #5 car.

5.25pm CEST: As the leading #50 Ferrari stops to take its 10-second penalty, the #6 Porsche retakes the lead of the race,

5.15pm CEST: The #4 Porsche is running in 11th, having started the race in 19th, while the #5 car is 13th.

4.54pm CEST: The #6 car has been passed for the lead at the Mulsanne corner by the #50 Ferrari and is now running second.

4.50pm CEST: The #99 Proton Competition car is in the garage to adjust the door closing mechanism.

4.45pm CEST: The #6 Porsche Penske Motorsport car reclaims the lead of the race after the first round of pitstops.

4.43pm CEST: The other two factory Porsche cars have now stopped too, as have both Hertz Team JOTA cars and the Proton Competition entry.

4.40pm CEST: The pitstops have begun! The #4 car, driven by Nasr, is the first Porsche to stop.

4.21pm CEST: After an incident involving a car ahead, the #5 car now runs in eighth.

4.15pm CEST: The #6 car now runs third after being passed on the Mulsanne Straight.

4.05pm CEST: The #6 Porsche Penske Motorsport car held the lead for much of the first lap before it was passed for the lead at Indianapolis. It now runs second. Further back, the #5 car is 10th and the #4th in P17.

4pm CEST: Green flag! The 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans is underway.

3.55pm CEST: Here are the starting drivers in each of the Porsche cars: #6 Vanthoor, #5 Makowiecki, #12 Stevens, #38 Hanson, #99 Jani, #4 Nasr, #92 Malykhin, #91 Shahin.

3.50pm CEST: The formation lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe has begun, led away by the #6 Porsche Penske Motorsport car.

3.45pm CEST: Missed Thursday's Hyperpole session? Read the full report here.

3.30pm CEST: Welcome to the Porsche Penske Motorsport live blog for the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans. There is just 30 minutes remaining until the start of this year's race.

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